What is MathInsite.com?
MathInsite.com is a website that provides free math learning materials and resources for parents, teachers and students.

As of writing this, we currently only have math worksheets in PDF format available. We will be adding more learning material and content soon.

Can I use your worksheets on my kids?
Yes, you absolutely can! In fact, we encourage parents to start teaching their kids math as early as possible so they can get ahead.

I'm a teacher, can I use your worksheets for my class?
Yes! Our worksheets can be used in classrooms by teachers and educational institutions.

Are the worksheets free to use?
Yes, all our worksheets are 100% free for personal and commercial use. All we ask in return is to please recycle after use. And don't forget to share our website with friends and family.

How do I print a worksheet?
On the worksheet page there is a button that says "Download Worksheet". If you click it on it, you should see a printer icon, if not press "CTRL + P" if using Windows and "CMD + P" if using Mac.

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